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Food Supplements

Minor health problems may be caused by an unbalanced diet. It is well known that modern food processing often does not provide a sufficiently balanced intake of different nutrients, essential to maintain and regulate the wellbeing of our body.

Thanks to the research based on the concept of "Physiologically Regulating Nutraceuticals", Guna Laboratories have developed a unique line of innovative and specific nutritional supplements that allow us to overcome these deficiencies, providing a well-balanced intake of nutrients.

Gastrointestinal Health


Food supplement with Bovine Colostrum and Noni (Morinda Citrfolia L.) plant extract

**  Gluten Free

**  Melt directly in the mouth without water

24 x 1.8g sachets of orodispersible granules


Food supplement with Digestive Enzymes,Vitamin PP, Stonebreaker, Fumitoryand Turmeric.

**  With Stevia 

**  Gluten Free

20 x 1.17g tablets


Food supplement with 6 strains of microencapsulated lactic acid bacteria and fibre.

**  2 Billion Lactic Acid Bacteria

**  Allergen Free

30 x 2.5g sachets


Food supplement with Myrrh, Pumpkin Seed and Turmeric Extract.

**  Gluten Free

**  Orange Flavour

30 x 4.2g sachets

Dietetics, Cholesterol and Sports Nutrition


Food supplement with Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements with Inositol, Choline and Methionine.

**  Melt directly in the mouth without water

32 x 2.5g sachets

Gunaminoformula sport

Food supplement with essential Amino acids, Magnesium, B-group vitamins and powergrape.

**  For professional and amateur athletes

24 x 7.5g sachets

Physical and Mental Fatigue


Food supplement with Noni and plant extracts.

**  Stress fatigue and weakness

**  With steviol glycosides (Stevia)

150ml bottle

Acid-Base Balance


Food supplement with plant extracts, mineral salts and Zinc.

**  Acid-base metabolism

**  With steviol glycosides (Stevia)

**  Gluten free

15 x 7g sachets

Dietetics and Cholesterol


Food supplement with Baobab micronised seed, Vitamin B6, Folic acid and Monacolin K from Red Yeast Rice.

**  Normalise blood cholesterol levels

80 x 2g chewable tablets


Food supplement with freeze dried pig liver, choline and green tea.

**  Liver function

**  Gluten Free

32 x 1.125g tablets


Food supplement with essential Amino acids.

**  Nutritional support

**  Gluten Free

24 x 6.5g sachets

50 x 1.01g tablets

Physical and Mental Fatigue


Food supplement with plant extracts, Coenzyme Q10, Selenium, Manganese and 


**  Gluten Free

**  Mental Stress

30 x 840mg tablets

Womens' Health


Food supplement with Iron, Copper, Vitamin C and Baobab fruit pulp.

**  Iron deficiences

**  Gluten free

**  Melt directly in the mouth without water

28 x 1.7g sachets of orodispersible granules

Profem plus

Food supplement with microencapsulated lactic acid and bacteria strains, with Pueraria labata, Soy, Red Clover, Vitex, Griffonia, Green tea and Zinc.

**  Well-being in the menopause

**  Gluten free

20 x 4.8g sachets 

Respiratory Wellness


Food supplement with Noni, plant extracts and Propolis.

**  Healthy upper respiratory tract

**  Gluten free

16 x 4.5g sachets 

Fatigue and the Immune System

Lipidic Vitawin C

**  helps with normal immune system         function

**  helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue

**  helps to protect the cells against           oxidative stress

75 Capsules of 508mg