About Guna

Founded in 1983 and based in Milan, Guna S.p.a. is the leading Italian Company in the production and distribution of complementary, low-dose and biological medicine, with a domestic market share of 25% and a turnover of over 61 million Euro in 2017.

The Company‚Äôs success is due to the production of innovative, top-quality low-dose medicines, designed and developed in Guna laboratories. Guna produces its own range of cutting-edge and sophisticatedly designed food supplements, medical devices, Bach Flowers and cosmetics. 


Guna products are distributed in over 30 Countries in the world. Over 70 products are FDA listed and regulated and sold in the US through the subsidiary Guna Inc., located in Pennsylvania. 

Every year, Guna invests considerable resources in clinical and basic research studies conducted according to state-of-the-art scientific standards. 

For more information visit: www.guna.com