Guna Complex n.1

An original and innovative formula, marketed in 40 countries worldwide and trusted by millions as Guna® Flu, studies have shown that Guna® Complex n.1 may help boost the body's natural defences.

The immunostimulant action of its main component (Anas Barbariae Hepatis et Cordis Extractum 7CH) is supported by the presence of 2 other remedies (Haemophilus Influenza 9CH and Vincetoxicum 5CH) has shown in trials to be effective when used during early signs of symptom ontet.

Guna® Complex n.1 contains four other 'symptomatic' remedies which are documented to work together to ensure a quick resolution of the inflammatory processes affecting the upper, middle and lower respiratory tracts - possible entry portals for the influenza infection:

*  Aconitum Napellus 5CH

*  Belladonna 5CH

*  Cuprum 3CH

*  Echinancea Angustfolia 3CH

Guna® Complex n.1 is safe for use in children (2+ years), adults and the elderly.