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  Claire Haresnape Tyson  
  Turning Points Clinic  
  Susan Donnelly Integral Nutrition  
  Biomechanix Clinic  
  Colin Perry - Bear Foot Doctor  
  John Andrews - Iridology  

Ralph Rogers Sports and Human Performance

  Dr Telnikoff Aesthetics and Pain Management  
  Professor Ivo Bianchi  
  Golden Radiance  
  Monique Stone  

Devine Detox

  Sue Farrer  
  Essential Chiropractic  
  The Macura Clinic  
  Manual Therapy and Aesthetic Medicine - Dr Tolkachov  
  Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine  
  Biomedical Clinics  
  Natural Health Clinic  
  Nelsons Pharmacy  
  Ainsworths Pharmacy  
  Helios Homeopathy  

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