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Clinical Trial on PRM Preparations in the Treatment of Patients Suffering from Urinary Infections

Clinical and Laboratory Efficacy of Interleukin-5 Low Dose and Citomix in Patients with Larval Toxocarosis

Correction of Calcium Metabolism Disorders Using Osteobios in Patients with Chronic Renal Disease

Interferon Alpha 4C and Interferon Gamma 4C and their Therapeutic Synergy in Liver Pathologies

From Homeopathy to Physiological Regulating Medicine Highlights

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment of 50 Patients

PRM Homeomesotherapy and Myofascial Triggers

ARD Cholesterol and HDL Increase

Therapy of the Extracellular Matrix Intoxication with PRM

Inflammation and PRM - New Ideas and Innovative Medical Products

Homotoxicology and Basic Regulation

Importance of Oxidative Stress as a Risk Factor for Morbidity

The Use of Guna Transfactors

Cytokine Information


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