Recommended for Practitioners Who Do Not Wish to Inject Homeopathic Medicine.

What is D’Arsonval?
It was first developed in the late 19th century by a French physiologist who studied the effect of electricity on the body and the possibility of using it to correct conditions without recourse to medication or surgery.

How does it work?
The small device produces electricity at a very high oscillation rate (500,000 cycles per second). At this speed of oscillation there is no damage to or stimulation of motor or sensory nerves. The device produces light heat, infra-red light, ultrasound low frequency, ozone.
Ozone is well known for its remarkable healing properties. It is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial immune system modulator. It improves skin condition and helps deal with hair loss.
The treated tissue is provided with drainage; the body’s metabolism is stimulated and nutrition absorption by tissue is improved.
This is why D’Arsonval can be used in many skin conditions to help the skin to  absorb remedies even without direct injection.

D’Arsonval is used in:

Cosmetology and dermatology - for general rejuvenation, skin lifting, post face-lift operations, hair loss, to treat scars, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatosis, herpes, skin itching, acne, verrucas, warts, furunculosis, haematomas, infected wounds any kind of lymphatic congestion..
Direct and indirect application is possible.
Five applicators are provided depending on the type and severity of the condition to be treated.

Affected area should be dry and clean.

For Aesthetic Therapy

Cover face with GUNA Gel Beauty mixed with Made/Collagen/Placenta/Omeo Formula 1,2 or 3. Let it dry on the skin.

For Pain Therapy

Apply GUNA Gel Therapy mixed with products for pain management. Let it dry too. Then use D’arsonval.

How to use the apparatus

Insert  applicator into machine before plugging  it into the socket.
Adjust power to produce a tingling sensation (and later warmness).

Slowly stroke the skin for 10 min.


Oncology, pregnancy, any adverse response to electrical stimulation, implant of pacemaker.
The device is for sale from Dr Tatyana Telnokoff and is quite inexpensive.

Please make an appointment for a consultation and demonstration.

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